På lördag den 10 november spelar vi på Sigurdsgatan i Västerås med Vånna Inget. http://www.facebook.com/events/534392579908419/


Bad Religion

Soon Stick & Brinn will finally record their side of our upcoming split LP. Any labels interested in helping out with that release, plese get in touch.
Here's a song that wont be on that record: The drunken choir: Friko, Mangel, TompaRens, Snygg-Steffe and Slaktrens


New song

Today we started mixing the new recording. It´s not 100% finished yet but here's a song (a long one)


Recording done + video

The recording this weekend went great and is supposed to result in a split 12" with Stick & Brinn.
We still have to mix and stuff so some musical samples are coming up soon. Until then, here's a little video from the studio:


Recording progress

Music for 21 or 22 (fuck my memory) songs finished today. Vocals will be recorded on saturday so some samples are coming soon.


Recording time

Tonight we're beginning the recording of a bunch of new songs. First recording as a full band.


Mpfrees and stuff

Now both our 12" and 7" is available for download/streaming at Bandcamp. You can choose to download it for free, or you can pay whatever you might think it's worth.


P3 rock vevar mangel

P3 Rock spelade visst några bitar från Halvfabrikatsamlingen för ett tag sen. Misär, Passiv Dödshjälp och Slaktrens. Här kan man lyssna om man känner för det:


CD's has arrived

Finally our copies of the Strålande Tider CD has arrived from Indonesia. Cheers Ari!
50 kr + postage