Västerås-mangel 7" 250 copies on black vinyl. Released by Rawby Records, May 2013
Strålande tider 12" 250 copies on pink vinyl and 250 on black. First 47 pink copies comes in a handmade screenprinted fabric cover. Released in may 2011 by Rawby Records, Fight Back Records, Turist i Tillvaron and Svindel Records.
Ur balans 7" 500 copies on transparent red vinyl. Released in april 2010 by Rawby Records, Fight Back Records, Useless Records and Anarkopunx Records.

Mangelattack demo Released in september or october 2009 on a bunch of cdr's and mp3. Later also released on tape by Yellow Dog.


Invocation of obscene gods CD "Twenty seven bands! Seventy eight songs! A roaring holocaust of filthy underground rock n' roll. Comes with a professionally printed fifty-two page booklet filled with interviews, photos, original art plus other glorious absurdities including "The True History Of Grindcore", Dr. Jason Wade's award-winning sex advice column and an introduction by Chris Reifert. Something to annoy, alienate and offend everyone"

Released by Backwoods Butcher Records

More world, less bank vol 3: No borders, no banks 7"  Misär, Krimtänk, Slaktrens, Eskatologia, Passiv dödshjälp, Insidious process, Moderat likvidation, End of all. Our song is called "Imorgon är en annan dag" (It's not a Christer Björkman cover) and was recorded at the same time as "Strålande tider". Released by Halvfabrikat Records.

Ghettoblaster from hell vol 2 cassette. E.A.T.E.R, Slaktrens, Avfart 33, Knaster, Banal Anal, SST, The Great German Re-Research, Guilty, GVtNT, Syicide Syndicate, Prins Carl, Ursut, Slöa Knivar & Sub Alert. Released by Skippers Corner

Hotet från underjorden vol 6 cassette.  Guilty, E.A.T.E.R, Slaktrens, Angelpiss, Moderat likvidation, Trashed throat, Komplex, Tjänstevapen, M:40, Blåslampa, Stel av skräck, A.R.S.E.L, Five finger discount, Bittra miner, Jerrys farsa, Våldsamt motstånd

2 unreleased Slaktrens songs recorded at the same time as the Ur balans 7"

Dimmorna Skingras vol 1 LP 1000 low-priced lp's featuring Sub Alert, Striker, Dick Tracy, Aggrenation, Glöm dä, Unabombers, Kurt Olvars Rebeller, Krimtänk, Angelpiss and Slaktrens

Fuck corporate wank vol 2  Benefit for Haiti, mp3 comp put together by Ungovernable Resistance and Screaming From The Gutter.