The third part in the 7" comp series More world, less bank is out now on Halvfabrikat Records. Exclusive songs from Misär, Krimtänk, Slaktrens, Eskatologia, Passiv dödshjälp, Insidious process, Moderat likvidation and End of all.

We have a couple of copies. 30 kr


More t-shirts

Now you can buy t-shirts with the Strålande tider record cover design here and soon they will also be available at Berzerker Wear


Strålande tider CD

The cd version of Strålande tider is finally released. Our copies are now travelling on a ship somewhere between Jakarta and Västerås and are supposed to arrive around january. Until then, get it cheap from Teriak Records (Indonesia) or one of the other labels who co-released it: Suburban White Trash (USA) Suffering Jesus Productions (Canada)Le Crépuscule du Soir (France), Don Carlos Productions (Italy), Aima Records (Italy), Bloody Lips Records (Belgium)

Neue Zecken Zeitung fanzine

We are one of the bands interviewed in the latest issue of this swiss zine.
Check it out here


Tack för senast!

Tack till alla som kom på spelningen i lördags. Det var jävligt kul. Är det nån som har några bilder får ni gärna skicka över dom till slaktrens@gmail.com



T-shirts done

 Today some t-shirts was printed. Both designs are available in S-XL, not extremely many of each size though. The shirts are Fruit of the loom Heavy cotton. Price: 80 kr / 9 euro + shipping


T-shirts on the way

Next week i will print some t-shirts. There will be 2 different designs. Here's one of them:


Första spelningen

Då var första spelningen spikad. Oklart hur laguppställningen ser ut än så länge pga avhoppande Stefan, men spela ska vi. Lite dyrt kan man tycka men det är inget vi kan göra nåt åt tyvärr. Att Bankiren ligger i Västerås kanske ska nämnas också.


More world, less bank part 3

Coming soon on Halvfabrikat Records: V/A More world, less bank part 3: No borders, no banks 7".

Exclusive songs from Misär, Krimtänk, Slaktrens, Eskatologia, Passiv dödshjälp, Insidious process, Moderat likvidation and
End of all. 



Because we are so high-tech and modern and futuristic we are now on Spotify.


Reviews from MRR & Doomsday

Rårens, vevmangel, slaktrens. Västeråsarna uppfinner inte hjulet igen men de restaurerar det gamla, skeva aset dom hittade i gränden bakom Arvid's Cykel & Moped. Dom ärar arvet efter (framför allt) Krigshot, Mob 47, tidiga Rövsvett och Dropdead. Jag gillar det här, vad finns att inte gilla förresten, det är så här entaktsmangel ska låta. Argt, snabbt, lite slöa partier ibland och onyanserat tokvrål som ibland briljerar med vad som av vissa kan uppfattas som en antydan till ”sångmelodi”. Gillar speciellt titelspåret Strålande 'Tider' (refrängriffet påminner om något), 'Sagor som fakta', 'Ingen bra idé' (hör jag inte en millisekund till Asta Kask-hyllning där på sången) och 4-pannan 'Jag vill inte ha'. Texterna är raka och direkta i sann Krigshot och Mob 47-tradition. Slaktrens gör inte ett enda fel, entaktsmangel ska låta så här. Extra plus för det medföljande klistermärket föreställande en gammal vevmangel. Vänner av vev, KÖP!


Another review

I don't know what this means but it got 5/5 so i guess it's a good review. From periferia.cz

"Úskoky a krycími manévry jsem nedávno získal Krigshot - Maktmissbrukare LP. Včera na něj na gramci došla řada. Hned potom jsem vytáhnul z obalu debutní desku od Slaktrens. Málem jsem nepoznal rozdíl!

Už při poslechnu jejich sedmipalce (jo ten s ledníma medvědama) mě chlapci uzemnili. Ale co si dovolili za drzost s touhle velkou deskou? Dvacet válů v nekompromisním tempu. Krigshot žije! Reinkarnoval se do podoby party mladejch bláznů, který vražděj ve Slaktrens. Nabroušená kytara, epileptickej řev a kulometný bicí. Basa? Nevim, nevnímal jsem. Texty v rodném jazyce. Nerozumim ani hovno. Crust core v nejvyšších otáčkách. Útok proudovýho Messerschmitta (Gripen je trapnej).

Vyšlo v nákladu pouze 500 ks, z čehož polovina je na úchylným růžovým vinylu. A k tomu ještě limitovaná edice s textilním přebalem, ze kterýho si můžeš vystřihnout nášivku. Takže všichni, který se pyšněj nášivkama Krigshot, Mob 47 nebo Protes Bengt ... vyndejte svoje Visa karty a povinně sháníme!"


First review

from My Last Chapter:

Hehe, a pink vinyl... It’s not often bands/labels choose to press a pink vinyl, but I most definitely like it. After a demo, an EP and six tracks on a comp LP (I think that’s about it) we have Slaktrens’ maxi LP to blast our speakers with, released by a collaboration of DIY labels. I say maxi LP since the 20 tracks are over in 16 minutes, which doesn’t make it a fullength, as some might think ‘cause of the format. And it’s 20 tracks that sure do go by in a hurry, as I’m pretty sure most of you’ve already figured out.
One of the first things I noticed here was the change in guitar sound, and it no longer reeks of Protes Bengt worship in that department. In fact, as soon as Civilisationens framfart gets going I think Kurbits I.R, a band that pops up during a lot of other tracks as well, like for instance Från mardröm till verklighet. And let me tell you; I love Kurbits I.R, so that’s definitely a big plus in my book. But the band that feels most relevant is still Krigshot, which of course means there’s also a big Mob 47 influence after all. This is frenetically mangling hardcorepunk. It’s fast and it’s fast, most of the time going by in a hurricane of distorted riffs, hammering drums and cord-shredding screams. But they actually do have some cool riffs to be detected, like for instance Sagor som fakta (which has a really cool melody just before the insanity begins) and Gudarna måste vara tokiga (which has catchy riffs all through it, but that gets even wickeder during the chorus). While the melody mentioned in the former of the two songs feels reminiscent I can’t place it, but once Strålande tider began I thought ‘hey, I know that riff’. And it took me about 30 seconds to figure it out; Disdaniel, a one-man band that released a demo in the late 90ies or something. It reminds me a whole lot of that guy’s Överpunkare track, but since my tape-deck is busted I can’t give it a listen to be really certain.
Anyways, there are tons of references to be made, but it’d feel really redundant to make even more since I’m quite certain you’ve already figured out Slaktrens’ sound by now. It’s catchy, energetic-as-fuck and most of all a real bloody bulldozer of mangle, definitely a step-up from the Ur balans 7”. It was still a two-man act for this recording, but they’ve since filled the ranks with a bassist and a new drummer, leaving Johan to concentrate only on the vocals. I wonder if that’ll change their sound in any way or if it’s just meant as a way to play live. Oh well, seeing them live would surely be a blast, at least if they manage to deliver the same intensity as the frenzied music deserves.



Yesterday we did our first rehearsal as a full band, so in a while we can start playing gigs. Looking forward to that! The lineup is: drums - Tobbe (Stick & Brinn, Angers Curse), guitar - Befa (Irritation), bass - Stefan, vocals - Johan


12" out now!

Strålande tider 12" out now! 20 songs in about 16 minutes. Released by Rawby, Fight Back, Turist i Tillvaron and Svindel.

Pressing info: 250 on black vinyl and 250 on pink (it looks red in the crappy picture but it's more pink in reality). The first 47 pink copies comes in a handmade screenprinted fabric cover.

Price: 70 kr / 8 euro + shipping

Mail your order to rawbyrecords@gmail.com or slaktrens@gmail.com
You can pay with Paypal, transfer to bank account or send cash.

The tape version is out too on Skippers Corner.


New comp

Out now: Hotet från underjorden vol. 6. We have two songs on this comp tape. They were recorded at the same time as the 7".  Get the tape from krimtank@hotmail.com


another update on the 12"

Today the test presses arrived, and it sounds just like it should, so within the next two weeks the record should be out. There will be 250 copies on pink vinyl and 250 on black.
And because it's fun with limited editions and stuff i'm working on something extra for the first 50 copies..


12" update

Finally all the boring money-related stuff is finished and the record is now in the hands of the pressing plant.


Ungovernable Resistance has put together a bunch of nice mp3 comps and a few Slaktrens tunes from the upcoming 12" happens to be included. Check it out here.


12" cover art + mp3

Now the front cover is finished and here's how it will look:

Also added two more songs to the player and put some songs on the download page.


Review from SFL

I just got the new issue of Short Fast & Loud and found a review of our 7":

"This fucker, which was recorded by only two guys, is nothing but a complete mayhem done the Swedish way. Near to an almost utmost flawlessness, this piece of annihilation delivers only ultra fast, chainsaw guitar driven as well as overpowering rawpunk with hoarse screaming vocals. I'm not joking; these fifteen tracks are the (!!!) perfect example of what would happen if one member each of MOB 47, KRIGSHOT and MASSGRAV were locked in a studio and forced to unleash one of the most brutal old school records out of Sweden ever. Yuck, these cats really succeeded and therefor "Ur balans" (="Off balance") is the motherfucking shit, but sadly only 500 (hand numbered) copies on clear red vinyl exist. Get this unrelenting beast at any cost!" 


Cheap records

I'm having a little sale at Rawby Records to get some more money for the 12" release.

All LPs and CDs: 50 kr / 5 euro
All 7"s: 25 kr / 2,5 euro
plus postage
Check out the list here!

SR on tape

Skippers Corner will do a limited edition cassette release of the new recording. I'm also talking to another label about a CD version, but i don't think that's 100% decided yet so more about that soon.

And we still need help from at least one more label for the 12". Get in touch if you're interested!


V/A Dimmorna skingras LP

Finally we got our copies of this LP.We have 6 songs on this that we recorded between the 7" and the new recording.
The other bands on the record are Aggrenation, Krimtänk, Sub Alert, Dick Tracy, Unabombers, Glöm Dä, Kurt Olvars Rebeller, Angelpiss and Striker.

You can buy it from us for 50 kr / 5 euro plus shipping.


New recording

Last weekend we recorded some new songs. 20 of them will be released as a 12" EP called Strålande Tider. Like the 7" it will be co-released by a few labels and we still need help from a couple of labels so get in touch if you're interested. 3 of the songs has been added to the playlist in the mp3 player.

Stefan recording some bass


Cute as always

Drums and first guitar recording

Taking a break

The vocals was recorded very late at night

First post

Because Myspace is shit, and old school websites is not as easy to do as this, we moved here. This thing is still under construction so new stuff will pop up every now and then i guess..

The mp3 player has now been loaded with all the songs from the Ur balans 7" and more songs will be added soon.

Went to a gig with Sir Reg yesterday by the way. Great band! Check them out if you're into the irish punkrock thing.

Now i'm gonna listen to some Dropdead records, have another beer and get this blog finished.