Review from SFL

I just got the new issue of Short Fast & Loud and found a review of our 7":

"This fucker, which was recorded by only two guys, is nothing but a complete mayhem done the Swedish way. Near to an almost utmost flawlessness, this piece of annihilation delivers only ultra fast, chainsaw guitar driven as well as overpowering rawpunk with hoarse screaming vocals. I'm not joking; these fifteen tracks are the (!!!) perfect example of what would happen if one member each of MOB 47, KRIGSHOT and MASSGRAV were locked in a studio and forced to unleash one of the most brutal old school records out of Sweden ever. Yuck, these cats really succeeded and therefor "Ur balans" (="Off balance") is the motherfucking shit, but sadly only 500 (hand numbered) copies on clear red vinyl exist. Get this unrelenting beast at any cost!" 

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