Slaktrens is a punkband from Västerås, Sweden. 

Joel - Bass
Befa - Guitar
Tobbe - Drums
Johan - Vocals

The story so far:

Sometime in 2009 i (Johan) was bored because i was'nt playing in any bands, so i decided to do something myself. I bought a guitar and tried to learn how to play it, made some songs, bought some Aurora and started recording. The "Mangelattack" demo was the result.

When it was time for a new recording session Stefan (Prins Carl, ex Fromtheashes) joined to play guitar and help out with the shouting. This was released on a 7" called "Ur Balans" in april 2010. I think this sounds alot better than the demo. It probably has something to do with the fact that Stefan can play guitar and i really can't, and also that we used less shitty equipment on this recording.

A while later we recorded a few distorted songs for the comp LP "Dimmorna Skingras".

In january 2011 we went back to the "studio" for another recording/drinking session. We recorded 21 more songs. One for a comp 7" and the rest for a 12" entitled "Strålande tider" which was released in may.
This time we recorded on Stefans computer instead of the hard-disk-porta-thing used before.

A while later we felt it would be nice to be able to play live so we asked Befa (Irritation, Uncurbed for a while) and Tobbe (Stick & Brinn, Angers Curse) if they wanted to play guitar and drums which they did. A couple of weeks before the first gig Stefan quit so we asked Joel (Mentally Axed, ex-Entrench) who said yes and learnt the songs in 4 rehearsals i think.

To be continued...